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Press release 9/10/2023

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Positions > Consultations > 2022

8/12/2022 - Proposed incentives for Fluxys for the tariff period 2024-2027 (PRD)656G/49

7/12/2022 - Synergrid consultation on the vision paper concerning multiple supply contracts per access point

5/12/2022 - CREG Ontwerpbeslissing over de kortingen, multiplicatoren en seizoensfactoren van toepassing op de aardgasvervoersnettarieven van Fluxys Belgium NV voor de periode 2024-2027

28/11/2022 - Elia consultation on the methodology and input data for the adequacy and flexibility study 2023

20/11/2022 - Elia consultation on an analysis of the possibility to offer different types of balancing products and/or to combine the offer of balancing products (FCR/aFRR/mFRR) with the supply of energy in the DA/ID market through ToE on a same delivery

20/11/2022 - Elia consultation on the aFRR activation method

17/11/2022 - CREG consultation on the request of Elia for a derogation of the minimal available cross-zonal capacity

4/11/2022 - Elia Public consultation on the Low Carbon Tender design note

13/10/2022 - Elia Public consultation of the study on the evolution of the BRP nominations

13/10/2022 - Elia consultation on the study on procurement strategies for a dynamic calculation of FRR means

11/10/2022 - Elia consultation on the methodology to determine the required balancing capacity

31/8/2022 - CWAPE consultation publique relative au projet de méthodologie tarifaire applicable aux gestionnaires de réseau de distribution d’électricité et de gaz naturel en région wallonne pour la période régulatoire 2024-2028

18/8/2022 - CREG consultation (PRD)2428 on CONE, the correction factor X and the WACC for the T-4 auction for delivery period 2027-2028

28/7/2022 - CREG consultation (PRD)2409 on a Code of Conduct for electricity

8/07/2022 - SPF Economy Materialiteitsmatrix Duurzame Ontwikkeling Energie

3/07/2022 - Fluvius consultatie over de specificaties voor de aankoop van marktflexibiliteit, ondersteunende diensten en netverliezen

1/07/2022 - CREG consultation on the project of decision (PRD)658E/79 on the discretionary incentives for Elia for 2023

1/07/2022 - CREG Ontwerpbeslissing (B)2412 inzake de toekenning tot afwijking van de termijn voor het gebruik van het Europese platform voor frequentieherstelreserves met automatische activering (aFRR)

20/6/2022 - Fluxys Market Consultation 57: Changes in the regulatory documents for transmission

16/6/2022 - Elia consultation on the LFC Block Operational Agreement

6/6/2022 - Elia public consultation on the scenarios, sensitivities and data for the CRM parameter calculation for the Y-4 Auction for Delivery Period 2027-2028

30/5/2022 - Elia consultation on the analysis and implementation of the FCR evolutions

12/5/2022 - CREG Public Consultation (PRD)1109/11 on the proposal of decision on the tariff methodology for the transport grid of electricity and the grids with a transport function of electricity for the regulatory period 2024-2027

12/5/2022 - CREG Public Consultation (PRD)1110/12 on the proposal of decision on the tariff methodology for the natural gas transport grid, the gas storage installation and the LNG installation for the regulatory period 2024-2027

8/5/2022 - Pôle Energie CESE - Projet d’arrêté du Gouvernement wallon organisant l'octroi d'une aide aux entreprises en compensation des coûts des émissions indirectes entre 2021 et 2030 (Carbon leakage)

25/4/2022 - Elia mFRR Design Note

12/4/2022 - CREG Openbare raadpleging over ontwerpbeslissing (B)2364 tot goedkeuring van de studie betreffende de marktgebaseerde bepaling van de CO2-emissiefactor voor België/Consultation publique relative au projet de décision (B)2364 d’approbation de l

4/4/2022 - DG Energy - Assessing the independence and effectiveness of National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) in the field of energy - Support for a Commission report on Member States’ compliance with the principle of independence

25/03/2022 - FPS Economy Febeliec answer to the FPS Economy public consultation on the techno-economic analysis of the bids and outcome of the CRM auction

10/03/2022 - Elia consultation on the revision of the Access Contract

25/02/2022 - CREG consultation on the modifications for the CWE Intraday increase/decrease process in the CORE Region

22/02/2022 - SFP Economy consultation Regulatory model for the transport of hydrogen per pipeline

18/02/2022 - SPF Economy public consultation on the offshore wind tender for the Princess Elisabeth Zone

3/02/2022 - ELIA consultation on the proposal for modification of the Balancing Rules

18/1/2022 - Elia consultation on the proposal for amendment of the Terms and Conditions for balancing service provides for the automatic Frequency Restoration Reserve (aFRR)