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Positions > Consultations > 2023

22/12/2023 - CREG consultation on the proposal of decision for the modification of decision (Z)1109/11 on the tariff methodology for the electricity transmission grid for the regulatory period 2024-2027

8/12/2023 - Fluxys Belgium Market Consultation 66: Update for the injection of compatible and non compatible gases in the methane network

2/12/2023 - Elia consultation on the Cost-Benefit analysis on requirements for generators applicable on existing and new generating units between 1 and 25 MW

1/12/2023 - CREG consultation on the request of Elia for a derogation of the minimal available cross-zonal capacity

1/12/2023 - CREG consultation (PRD)2667 on the proposal of decision regarding the modification of the Code of Conduct for Electricity transmission grids

28/11/2023 - Raadpleging over het concept "elektro-intensieve verbruiker"/Consultation sur la notion de "consommateur électro-intensif"

24/11/2023 - Elia consultation on Direct Market Access (DiMaX)

30/10/20203 - Elia consultation on voltage service and reactive power control review and recommendations for design optimisations

23/10/2023 - Elia consultation on prequalification, control and penalties for the aFRR and mFRR services

2/10/2023 - Elia consultation on forecasting of the deterministic frequency deviation and the Elia contribution

18/9/2023 - Elia consultation on the concept note regarding connections with flexible access to the federal transmission grid

15/9/2023 - Elia consultation on the LFC Block Operational Agreement and the methodology to determine the required balancing capacity

31/08/2023 - Elia consultation on the study on potential evolutions of the BRP perimeter adjustments in case of the activation of mFRR or redispatch energy bids

30/08/2023 - Elia consultation on the T&C BSP mFRR

28/08/2023 - Elia consultation on the proposal of amendments of the T&C BRP in the context of the connection to the balancing platforms

28/08/2023 - CREG consultation on the project of decision (PRD)658E/84 on the discretionary incentives for Elia for 2024

25/08/2023 - Synergrid consultation on the SOK/CDC 3.0 Elia-DSO

24/08/2023 - CREG consultation (C)2579 on CONE, the correction factor X and the WACC for the T-4 auction for delivery period 2028-2029

24/08/2023 - CREG consultation (PRD)2580 on CONE, the correction factor X and the WACC for the T-1 auction for delivery period 2025-2026

18/08/2023 - Elia consultation on the T&Cs OPA, Sa and the Rules for Coordination and Congestion management in iCAROS phase 1

23/07/2023 - Fluvius consultatie over het investeringsplan 2024-2033

7/07/2023 - CREG Consultation: (PRD)2584 - Compensation Indirect emissions

25/06/2023 - Elia consultation on the T&C BSP aFRR

9/06/2023 - Fluvius consultation on the rules for contracting non-frequency related ancillary services and grid losses

2/06/2023 - Synergrid consultation on Flexibility

19/05/2023 - Elia public consultation on the scenarios, sensitivities and data for the CRM parameter calculation for the Y-1 auction Delivery Period 2025-2026 and Y-4 Auction for Delivery Period 2028-2029

15/05/2023 - SPF Economy - Stakeholderconsultatie Risicoparaatheidsplan 2.0

8/05/2023 - Elia consultation on the rules for suspension and restoration of market activities and rules for settlement in case of suspension of market activities

27/04/2023 - Elia consultation on its innovation strategy

21/04/2023 - CREG consultation on the modifications to the Functioning Rules of the Belgian CRM (v3)

24/03/2023 - Elia consultation on the LFC Block Operational Agreement

21/03/2023 - CREG consultation on its draft decision (PRD)2526 on the formal requirements for a request for derogation from the intermediate maximum price within the framework of the capacity remuneration mechanism

20/03/2023 - Elia consultation on the determining elements of the expected evolutions in the tariff proposal 2024-2027

13/03/2023 - FPS Economy consultation on the Royal Decree on the determination of the parameters required for the organization of the auctions for the CRM

10/03/2023 - CREG consultation on amendment of its proposal on the investment thresholds and the investment cost eligibility criteria in the framework of the CRM

3/03/2023 - Elia Consultations on the CRM and LCT Capacity Contracts

3/03/2023 - Consultation publique de la CWaPE relative au projet de méthodologie tarifaire applicable aux gestionnaires de réseau de distribution d’électricité et de gaz actifs en région wallonne pour l’année 2024

10/2/2023 - Elia consultation on the LCT Functioning Rules

6/2/2023 - CREG consultation on the review of the "T&C BRP" in the context of the integration of the calculation of the imbalance price

20/1/2023 - Elia consultation on the Consumer Centric Market Design note

16/1/2023 - Elia consultation Federal Development Plan for the Belgian transmission system (110 kV to 380 kV) over the period 2024-2034

12/1/2023 - CREG consultation on the definitive modalities for the determination of the incentives for Elia in the regulatory period 2024-2027

4/01/2023 - Elia consultation on the CRM Functioning Rules V3