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In order to participate, companies or individuals must register via the Febeliec website.

After having registered, they receive a confirmation mail and detailed information about the first step of the selection procedure.

Selection – step 1

The concept with which companies or individuals wish to participate, must be described in a resume. The document should be submitted in English.

Two pages A4 maximum must describe:

  • problem definition,
  • the elaborated solution
  • and the result.

The text must be written in “understandable” language, i.e. someone who is not familiar with the energy sector, must be able to understand its content.

On the basis of this document, Febeliec will select 10 nominees.


All cases must be submitted by 15/12/2018.

The names of the nominees will be revealed on 17/12/2018.

Selection – step 2

The 10 concepts selected will be invited to prepare a report describing the entire case.

Following items can be taken up in this document of maximum 10 pages:

  • clear description of the problem definition,
  • technical information on the processes used,
  • images, pictures, …
  • detailed results with figures

The jury will evaluate the 10 cases and then select 3 finalists who may present their case at the final election.


The reports must be submitted at the latest on 4 January 2019.

In the period between 5/01/2019 and 14/01/2019, the jury will select the finalists.

Selection – step 3

On 18/1/2019 the 3 finalists will present their case to the jury. Duration of each presentation: maximum 15 minutes. The jury will evaluate the cases and elect a winner after deliberation.

Selection criteria

Each application submitted will be evaluated and will only be accepted if it respects the following criteria:  

  • innovative
  • problem solving (technically & economically)
  • with the potential of delivering concrete results
  • sustainable
  • relevant for and/or applicable in Belgium


  The name of the winner will be made public at the Febeliec Energy Forum on 29/01/2019.