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Art. 1.    Objective

By awarding the Febeliec Energy Award 2018, Febeliec wishes to crown a person who, or a company that, imagined the most innovative solution for an aspect of the energy issue (energy efficiency improvement, higher security of supply, competitive prices, …).

The presented solution must be relevant to the Belgian energy situation and must be applicable in Belgium.

Art. 2.    Criteria

Each application received will be evaluated and will only be accepted if it respects the following criteria:

  • innovative
  • problem solving (technically and economically)
  • with the potential of delivering concrete results
  • sustainable
  • relevant for and/or applicable in Belgium

Art. 3.    The jury

The winner is designated by a jury, composed by people chosen by Febeliec. The rules followed by the jury guarantee its independency.

The members of the jury* are:

  • Wim Van Gerven, CEO Business Division North ArcelorMittal - Flat Products, President of the Jury
  • William D'Haeseleer, Professor KULeuven
  • Jean-Claude Maun, Professor Université libre de Bruxelles
  • André Bouffioux, CEO Siemens Belgium-Luxembourg. Assigned countries: North and West-Central Africa
  • Daniel Dobbeni, President KIC InnoEnergy Benelux
  • Christiane Malcorps, Global Head Facility Excellence & Country Manager Belgium Solvay
  • Luc Huysmans, Senior writer Trends
  • Christine Scharff, Editor L'Echo
  • Luc Sterckx, President Febeliec

*Subject to possible changes.

Art. 4.    Procedure

The application forms, edited according to the document available on the website, must be submitted by 15/12/2018 at the latest.

The application forms must be submitted in English. They may be handed in by post or by email to:

  • By post: Febeliec - Diamant Building - Bld A. Reyers, 80 - 1030 BRUSSELS
  • By email: mpbaerts@febeliec.be 

 1ste round:

Febeliec analyses the applications that were received in time and selects the 10 nominees that comply best with all criteria listed in art. 2. The people/companies concerned will be informed of their nomination on 17 December 2018 by email.  

The 10 nominees hand in a detailed case, edited according to the document available on the website, on 4 January 2019 at the latest.

 2de round (5/01– 14/01):

The jury analyses the 10 nominated cases and selects 3 finalists. These 3 finalists will be informed by email of their selection on 14 January 2019. They will be invited to personally present their case.

 3de round (14/01 – 29/01):

After a presentation to the jury members, the jury selects the winner 2018 during a meeting behind closed doors. The jury will respect full confidentiality during the selection. The deliberations by the jury remain secret and confidential.

Art. 5.    The cases

No information will be made public without the explicit permission of the participants.

Art. 6.    Appeal

The decisions of the jury are irrevocable and cannot be appealed to.

Art. 7.    The winner

The name of the winner will be made public during the ceremony at the Febeliec Energy Forum 2019. The winner accepts that images taken during the award may be used in the media.

The winner receives a certificate and an Award.

Art. 8.    Acceptance of the competition rules

By submitting their application, candidates accept these competition rules.