Positions > Consultations > 2021

15/10/2021 - Consultation des gestionnaires de réseaux de distribution relative à une modification des tarifs d’injection gaz applicables à partir de 2022 

8/10/2021 - Joint public consultation Elia – FPS Economy on the application of the methodology for obtaining an individual derogation from the IPC and on the determination of the missing money in the context of the IPC and derogation from the IPC

8/10/2021 - CREG consultation on the amendment of Royal Decree on the parameters for the CRM volume to procure and the auctions parameters, including the method and conditions for an IPC derogation

2/10/2021 - VREG consultatie herziening Technisch Reglement Distributie Gas

1/10/2021 - Elia consultation on the request for derogation of the principle of substantial modernization

30/9/2021 - Elia consultation on the System Imbalance forecast and evaluation of its publication

24/9/2021 - Elia consultation on the technology-neutral framework for the use of units that cannot be activated following the FRR processes

6/9/2021 - Elia public consultation on the study about the designation of multiple Balance Responsible Parties (BRPs) on an Access Point

3/9/2021 - Elia public consultation regarding the revision of the access contract

31/8/2021 - CREG consultation on the project of decision (PRD)2267 on the cost of new entrants and the correction factor X for the CRM T-4 auction for delivery period 2026-2027

16/8/2021 - Synergrid consultation on the cooperation agreement Elia-DGO

6/8/2021 - CREG consultation on the project of decision (B)658E/73 on the discretionary incentives for Elia for 2022

2/8/2021 - ENTSOE Proposal for Amendment of Pricing Methodology

15/7/2021 - Elia consultation on the proposal of amendments of the T&C BRP following the progressive relaxation of the Day-Ahead Balancing obligation of the BRPs

15/7/2021 - Elia consultation on the LFC Block Operational Agreement

20/6/2021 - Elia public consultation on the scenarios, sensitivities and data for the CRM parameter calculation for the Y-4 Auction for Delivery Period 2026-2027

7/5/2021 - CREG consultation on the CRM Functioning Rules

2/5/2021 - VREG consultatie met betrekking tot de wijziging van de tariefmethodologie 2021-2024

2/5/2021 - VREG consultatie over het technisch regelmeent distributie elektriciteit in Vlaanderen

30/4/2021 - FEB/VBO approach to the energy norm

14/4/2021 - Terms of Reference of the Elia Task Force Scenarios

25/3/2021 - Elia informal consultation on new aFRR capacity auctions

23/3/2021 - SPF Economy Risk Preparedness Plan for the Electricity Sector

15/3/2021 - Vlaamse overheid - Consultatie betreffende gereserveerde en niet-gereserveerde technische flexibiliteit

12/3/2021 - Elia informal consultation on the aFRR design in the framework of the European PICASSO project

22/2/2021 - Elia public consultation on T&C VSP for the contractual period 2022

14/2/2021 - FPS Economy consultation on the derogation within the CRM of the intermediate price cap

5/2/2021 - Elia informal consultation on the design for mFRR in the framework of the European MARI project

22/1/2021 - Elia public consultation on the Procedure for the Constitution of the Strategic Reserve for winter 2021-2022

8/1/2021 - CREG consultation on the Functioning Rules (v3) for the Capacity Remuneration Mechanism